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AutoSite 1.0 RC5

Zip archive with AutoSite + Spanish, Polish, Welsh language packs + AutoSite Core
Built 12/23/2020

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System requirements

What's new in RC5?

+ Localization support added
    + Polish translations by
    + Welsh translations by
+ Added Open file location to Explorer context menu
+ Handling of renamed, open files has been vastly improved
+ Opening an inexistent recent site now handled
+ When a new file is added to a folder, the folder's node is now expanded if it isn't already
+ Start page no recents text now wraps based on window size
+ Version number can now be shown/hid
+ .NET Framework 4.0 to 4.8 added to targeted versions
+ Quick Insert now captures focus when opening, and the Tab key can now be used to make selections
- Panel sizing behavior adjusted with some default settings tweaked
- System icon cache now cleared when a site is opened
- Using View Output when the output file doesn't exist is now handled
- Default new HTML template adjusted to be more standards-compliant

Development builds

Work-in-progress releases are built off the master branch as soon as commits are made. These have the latest features, fixes, and improvements—but also bugs! Use them for testing and to get a taste of what's to come, but not for production.

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